This is the first time that I am out of my own country, China. And it is then the first winter I will go through without the warm from home. Michigan State is in the north of America, and comparing to the counterpart in China, it should snow earlier. Yesterday is my first birthday without celebration with my friends and it went past silently, although there are many wishes from the friends in China through QQ, RenRen Facebook. When I went back to my apartment from the office in the midnight yesterday, I think I felt the coming of snow. In this morning, when I got up, I found that it was snowing heavily and now it is still snowing heavily. And it is the real snowing I have seen here. Hence I conclude that the snowing season is coming. That implies the real winter is also coming and there will be a long cold winter I have to go through. I am excited but also afraid. Let me wait and see what will happen in the following four months.