I have learned mathematics in China for 7 years. For the first your years, I think I mainly foused on applied mathematics since I was in this program in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at Tianjin University, which is a famous University in China. But I think I had been gradually interested in real mathematics, pure mathematics. When I was about to graduate from Tianjin University, I just applied for pure mathematics program at the Center of Mathematical Science in Zhejiang Univeristy under the supervision of Professor Kefeng Liu, whose research interest are Differential Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics. During the graduate studies, I mainly focused on Geometry, including differential geometry and algebraic geometry. Now I am in the Department of Probability and Statistics at Michigan State University and studying for my Phd degree. But I really still want to learn something in Algebraic Geometry.

There are two good resourses that I can follow: the first one is the CRing Project, which is organizing the materials of Commutative Algebra. The other is the posts witten by Professor Ravi Vakil on the Foundations of Algebraic Geometry. These two are really very helpful for me to follow to learn AG. Another two I want to mention are AG from the Beginning and Mathematical Notes, the first one including many notes on geometry and the latter including many notes on category theory.

I hope you can provide something useful for me to learn AG, thanks.