Since I started my blog, I have noticed several important events in the academic.

1, Erdos Distance Problem–a “breakthrough” in combinatorial geometry

Erdos Distance Problem SOLVED!

János Pach: Guth and Katz’s Solution of Erdős’s Distinct Distances Problem

The Guth-Katz bound on the Erdős distance problem

Guest Post: Distinct distances, and the use of continuous mathematics in discrete geometry.

2,  Hirsch conjecture

Francisco Santos Disproves the Hirsch Conjecture

Hirsch Conjecture disproved

Efficiency of the Simplex Method: Quo vadis Hirsch conjecture?

3, Khovanov homology—Witten ‘s newpreprint Fivebranes and Knots

Newsflash: Witten’s new preprint

4, partition numbers

Finite formula found for partition numbers

New math theories reveal the nature of numbers

A suprise dimension to adding and counting

There are any of importance I have missed? Please let me know.