1. GraphLab v2 @ Big Learning Workshop
  2. Basic Introduction to ggplot2
  3. Bayesian statistics made simple
  4. Courses in CS this spring
  5. A Numerical Tour of Signal Processing
  6. Reading List for Feb and March 2012 This is about the materials on concentration and geometric techniques used in compressed sensing.
  7. simulated annealing for Sudokus
  8. Djalil talks about A random walk on the unitary groupBrownian Motion and From seductive theory to concrete applications (which got Nuit Blanche thinking about writing this entryWhose heart doesn’t sink at the thought of Dirac being inferior to Theora ?)
  9. Lectures on Gaussian approximations with Malliavin calculus
  10. Useful R snippets
  11. Special Section: Minimax Shrinkage Estimation: A Tribute to Charles Stein
  12. Excellent Papers for 2011
  13. Creating a designer’s CV in LaTeX
  14. Is NGS the Answer? 
  15. Sequence Analysis Methods Not Just for Sequence Data
  16. DNA Variant Analysis of Complete Genomics’ Next-Generation Sequencing Data
  17. Infinite Mixture Models with Nonparametric Bayes and the Dirichlet Process
  18. Best Written Paper
  19. Online SVD/PCA resources
  20. Probabilistic Topic Models