1. Social Network Analysis with R
  2. Publicly available large data sets for database research
  3. Around the blogs in 80 hours and Random Thoughts (some are about sequencing data)
  4. Change margins of a single page (latex)
  5. Bootstrap example
  6. Exciting News on Three Dimensional Manifolds
  7. Dr. Perou on Next Generation Sequencing Technology
  8. analyzing-complex-plant-genomes-with-the-newest-next-generation-dna-sequencing-techniques
  9. RNA-Seq Methods & March Twitter Roundup
  10. Introduction to Statistical Thought
  11. An R programmer looks at Julia
  12. The slides and video can help you get a flavor of the language Julia.
  13. Why and How People Use R
  14. Wang, Landau, Markov, and others…
  15. Linear mixed models in R
  16. Least Absolute Gradient Selector: Statistical Regression via Pseudo-Hard Thresholding
  17. Sparse and Unique Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Through Data Preprocessing
  18. C++ at Facebook
  19. Calling C++ from R
  20. C++ Renaissance
  21. Why haven’t we cured cancer yet? (Revisited): Personalized medicine versus evolution
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