Today, there will be a talk,  Imaginary Geometry and the Gaussian Free Field, given by Jason Miller from Microsoft Research. I just googled it and found the following interesting materials:

  1. Gaussian free fields for mathematicians
  2. Gaussian free field and conformal field theory: In these expository lectures, it gives an elementary introduction to conformal field theory in the context of probability theory and complex analysis. It considers statistical fields, and defines Ward functionals in terms of their Lie derivatives. Based on this approach, it explains some equations of conformal field theory and outline their relation to SLE theory.
  3. SLE and the free field: Partition functions and couplings
  4. Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE). See slides by Tom Alberts and 2006 ICM slides by Oded Schramm and St. Flour Lecture Notes by Wendelin Werner . See also Ito’s lemma notes .