1. Simplicity is hard to sell
  2. Self-Repairing Bayesian Inference
  3. Praxis and Ideology in Bayesian Data Analysis
  4. In-consistent Bayesian inference
  5. Big Data Generalized Linear Models with Revolution R Enterprise
  6. Quants, Models, and the Blame Game
  7. Fun with the googleVis Package for R
  8. Topological Data Analysis
  9. The Winners of the LaTeX and Graphics Contest 
  10. Is Machine Learning Losing Impact?
  11. Machine Learning Doesn’t Matter?
  12. Components of Statistical Thinking and Implications for Instruction and Assessment
  13. Xiao-Li Meng and Xianchao Xie rethink asymptotics
  14. Higgs boson and five sigma
  15. What is the Statistics Department 25 Years From Now?
  16. Statistics: Your chance for happiness (or misery)
  17. Manifolds: motivation and definition
  18. Why Emacs is important to me? : ESS and org-mode
  19. Interesting Emacs linkfest
  20. Devs Love Bacon: Everything you need to know about Machine Learning in 30 minutes or less
  21. Visualizing Galois Fields
  22. Visualizing Galois Fields (Follow-up)
  23. Statistical Reasoning on iTunes U
  24. Computing log gamma differences
  25. Where to start if you’re going to revise statistics
  26. Power laws and the generalized CLT
  27. Open problems in next-gen sequence analysis
  28. More equations, less citations?
  29. Talk: Some Introductory Remarks on Bayesian Inference