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  1. Towards Better PDF Management with the Filesystem
  2. What is life like for PhDs in computer science who go into industry?
  3. Online REPL for 17 programming languages
  4. Logistic regression vs. multiple regression—–Many statisticians seem to advise the use of logistic regression over multiple regression by invoking this logic: “A probability value can’t exceed 1 nor can it be less than 0. Since multiple regression often yields values less than 0 and greater than 1, use logistic regression.” While we can understand this argument, our feeling is that, in the applied fields we toil in, that argument is not a very practical one. In fact a seasoned statistics professor we know says (in effect): “What’s the big deal? If multiple regression yields any predicted values less than 0, consider them 0. If multiple regression yields any values greater than 1, consider them 1. End of story.” We agree.
  5. Scientific Python
  6. An everyday essential: the timer+My personal productivity rules
  7. Bill Thurston—by Terrace Tao; Bill Thurston, 1946-2012—by Peter Woit; Bill Thurston 1946-2012—by David Speyer.
  8.  Surviving a PhD: 10 top tips that shows how to survive your PhD
  9. How different PhD’s work:Differences and similarities between departments about PhD process
  10. Countdown Begins: Countdown starts for submission of the thesis
  11. PhD Life is Wonderful:Doing PhD at Warwick University is a wonderful experience
  12. Too Many Emails In Your Inbox: Use Outlook folders to manage your emails
  13. Introduction to REX Facility: Videos for introducing Wolfson Research Exchange and its facilities
  14. Power of Supervisors: Control,inner happiness and optimisim
  15.  Unorthodox Tools of a Researcher: Reflection and examples of unorthodox tools that helps you PhD period
  16. Homesickness and Culture Clashes: Homesickness of international students and cultural differences
  17. Choosing Your PhD Examiners: Tips for choosing the relevant examiners for PhD Viva
  18. Effective Research Tools: Examples of useful research tools
  19. PhD,Risks and Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” according to Murphy’s Law
  20. Will Data Scientists Be Replaced by Tools?
  21. Update: TeX Writer for iPad (+ LaTeX + AMS)
  22. Why physicists like models, and why biologists should
  23. The ENCODE project: lessons for scientific publication
  24. Perspectives From A Postdoc: What is a Postdoc?
  25. Chris Blattman gives advice on PhD students’ NSF applications
  26. ENCODE floods the news networks…
  27. Maybe mostly useful for me, but for other people with Tumblr blogs, here is a way to insert Latex.—From Simply Statistics
  28. Harvard Business school is getting in on the fun, calling the data scientist the sexy profession for the 21st century. Although I am a little worried that by the time it gets into a Harvard Business document, the hype may be outstripping the real promise of the discipline. Still, good news for statisticians! (via Rafa via Francesca D.’s Facebook feed).—From Simply Statistics
  29. The counterpoint is this article which suggests that data scientists might be able to be replaced by tools/software. I think this is also a bit too much hype for my tastes. Certain things will definitely be automated and we may even end up with a deterministic statistical machine or two. But there will continually be new problems to solve which require the expertise of people with data analysis skills and good intuition (link via Samara K.)—From Simply Statistics

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