1. On writing well: Through the Eyes of Birds and Frogs : This article is a very interesting and helpful article about writing especially for academic papers and review articles.
    • Birds fly high in the air and survey broad vistas of mathematics out to the far horizon. They delight in concepts that unify our thinking. “
    • Frogs live in the mud below and see only the flowers that grow nearby. They delight in the details of particular objects.”
    • “That the aim of our writing, whatever we might be writing, is to familiarise the strange and to mystify the familiar. “
    • Start writing with one simple fact that readers must know. Then add more by broadening this first point. The third adds to the second and broadens the reader’s set of facts and connections. Finally we achieve a new state of wisdom.”
  2. On On Offline Reinforcement Learning: @NandoDF: Offline Reinforcement Learning frees us to think about bigger problems than we have before. @JohnCLangford: Offline reinforcement learning might be the key to reinforcement learning.
  3. NIPS 2020 Interesting Talks: